The Writers Strike that Never Was

It was the year 2008 and the Oscars were pushed back, TV was in a slump and reality shows were at their peek!! That was the first writers strike. It was far too long and very unnerving. Hollywood took a turn and I’m glad the past few years has brought more scripted TV shows. There has been more than enough quality shows not only on network stations but add in streaming and cable, who has the time. 
When it comes to my shows, well I am a little overboard you can say. I love to organize and so I do that even with my TV watching. You might say buy a TV guide or just look online, but I have a system that works. That system includes an excel with a master list of show names, channel, time, day of week and season they come on. Taking it one step farther, I have tabs for each day of the week with the show name and each episode, date aired, and title. I highlight to know when I’ve watched an episode to make sure I don’t miss anything. I watch a lot of shows and I cut the cable cord so it is how I get by. 

Well, last week the news started to gossip about another potential writers strike. What is this? Could it be? For a moment, not that a strike is good, but is that a break I see possibly on the horizon?! The demands, more pay, the typical, but writers have good reason. Good for them, make sure you get what you should be getting for the hard work you aren’t appreciated for. I say from one writer to another. 

Earlier today, the news broke that no strike would occur even after the guild voted for it. An agreement was reached. I am glad, really I am, can you read it in my words, I am. So let’s leave it at that. 

Honestly, a strike would have been bad and I am glad it was avoided, but a little break would have been nice. My excel could have used it. Summer is coming but that means more time to find and watch the shows I have had yet to have time for then fall will be here before you know it and the madness begins again. I hear you, just stop watching. It is simple right? 

TV, movies, and books have always meant something to me. These are the things that have never left me. It might sound simple and childish, but growing up my “friends” always left. They would move away or transfer, it happened so much it became a running family joke. So where did I turn? Hollywood. The place with the best friends in the world. They wouldn’t leave or go anywhere. They entertained and I could watch them always, over and over again. 

I think that feeling stayed with me. That feeling of connection and safety. I still turn to my shows as a means of connecting and escaping. These shows are like a friendship in a way. When I need a lunch date, turn one on or a way to make it through a boring afternoon, push a button. Just like friendship though it is also work. I just wanted a slight break, is that too much to ask? 

The writers didn’t go on strike. There is no 2017 strike to write or care about, but the possibility made me think. Where would I be without my shows? Where would we all be? Maybe this can remind us to appreciate the things and people we love just a little more. It all goes by too quickly so we have to remember the work just means we are doing something we care about and we should try and find the joy in it somewhere. Happy uninterrupted channel surfing!


Trust Yourself (poem)

Secrets, lies,
One and the same,
Are they different,
They all cause pain.

Sometimes in life,
We live in the gray,
Of what to do,
Or what to say.

Where should we go,
Who should we turn to,
What is this life,
That we have chosen?

In the darkness,
We lose hope,
Come to the light,
To find it again.

No such feelings,
No such life,
Is worth its weight,
Unless we live it.

Just trust yourself,
To find a way,
To a better,
Tomorrow and future days.

Thoughts on a Play

I have enjoyed getting to write reviews for the Examiner over the past couple months. I used to do it and just let it slip, but now I get to see and experience so many different things. I have enjoyed almost all the performances that I have been to and I look forward to all that I have yet to see.

‘Time Stands Still’ (review): Focusing on the choices we make
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Be Creative

I have been looking and editing my photographs more lately. I set up a Fine Art America site even to promote and try and sell couple of my prints. You can find the link here for my Fine Art America site. I also started a Flickr just to promote my images more. I guess like anything else, you just sort of have to get yourself out there and see what kind of interest you can draw. I feel like I have many different talents and abilities and I am just now trying to see what it all can get me.
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Clawing to Get Noticed…..

You can search on the web almost anything. You can find a vast amount of knowledge mixed with crazy and simply silly things. As a writer, we want to be able to reach an audience. We want to know what is out there and where we might fit. There are blogs, articles and links to places where you can get suggestions on marketing, media, publishing, everything you would ever need. If you move past the articles, you get into the comments. You see the debates and the negativity, the things that people say aren’t working or that are working. It is just a constant back and forth and at times it just gets a little heavy and depressing.
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Thank You Followers!


Good Morning! What an early Christmas gift for me! I got the notification this morning that I had finally received 100 followers (101 now). I have almost had this blog going for about a month now. I am humbled and grateful that anyone would like to read the ramblings that come out of my head or that I write down. I am always amazed when I see new followers or new likes on my post. I am a writer and have aspirations of doing it as a profession, so that I have people reading is a real inspiration. I feel like I am finally getting to a place where I know what I want in and out of life. I know where I have been and that I have now to take and achieve what I want and if I don’t, then I will only have myself to blame.
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I’m a Writer

I read an article recently that asked the question, “when can you call yourself a writer”? In the article, you are urged to do it now, but always remember that you have to be willing to answer the questions that follow. Where do you write? What could I have read of yours? Writers, even or especially aspiring ones, have to have a thick skin about them and be on top of their game. Am I a writer? Of course. Professional? Still working out that part.
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Writing a Novel: Long, Hard Work

In a recent post I wrote about doing what you want and getting where you want to be. At the start of this blog, I created it in order to get my name out there and connect with other writers. I also wrote this in order to write it along with the creation of my very first novel. I have decided on a few things and realized that I have a very long road ahead.
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Writing for the Reader

There are times when you feel like you are just burnt out. It might be caused by many factors, and it can happen in every area of life, personal or professional. It is always hard in your personal life when you feel like you are trying and trying and you just can’t seem to get where you want to be. I have experienced that, like everyone else, and it is just as frustrating when you experience that in your professional life too.
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