Trust Yourself (poem)

Secrets, lies,
One and the same,
Are they different,
They all cause pain.

Sometimes in life,
We live in the gray,
Of what to do,
Or what to say.

Where should we go,
Who should we turn to,
What is this life,
That we have chosen?

In the darkness,
We lose hope,
Come to the light,
To find it again.

No such feelings,
No such life,
Is worth its weight,
Unless we live it.

Just trust yourself,
To find a way,
To a better,
Tomorrow and future days.


We Are All Human

I could be taking something from the news and working on writing up my segment about having something to say, but things have been on my mind recently. Scams and relationships. I have recently stumbled upon a whole new world and my mind has gone into the realm of lies and deceit. I don’t understand why people hide themselves or things from those who they claim to love. Call me naive or stupid, whatever, but if you are going to be in a relationship then you have to be open and honest, period. Is there any other way to be?
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Forgetting the Fear, Giving Trust (Just a humble opinion)

Why is it so hard to trust? Really it’s a very complicated question and it’s even harder to actually offer this to someone. To trust someone, to really give yourself to someone means that you open yourself up to hurt. You open yourself up to be exposed and have the potential that all you offer to someone will or might not be returned. We all have a past and people that have broken or hurt us because we offered them our trust, but how should we let that affect our lives? It’s hard to give someone a “clean slate” and not hold past hurts against them but isn’t that the only way?
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