Welcome Home

If I could write a song,
That only you could hear,
I’d never write another word,
Until I held your heart near.
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Sometimes it all feels like everything is an uphill battle. Your dreams and goals seem so close yet are still out of reach and say to day you strive yet still fall short. So what is the point? Is this all just meaningless words on a screen that I could write over and recreate then have them ignored?

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Making Time for What You Love

What is it you wait for? Are you waiting for the right idea or the right moment, flash of inspiration? What keeps us from moving and acting on the things that we want? Is it fear or lack of caring? I think that in all of it, it’s a little of both. If we go after what we want then we run the risk of failing but if we never try at all then we can say at least we didn’t fail?!
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