For a Life Worth Living (Poem)

A place seen in the sun,
So far away yet near you can taste it,
The drip of honey on your lips,
That tease with the tempting idea of success,
Though that offers no guarantees.
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Happy People

Are you a “happy” person? Before you are too quick to answer, let me explain. I know that we are told that we should be happy, enjoy our lives, and always keep a positive outlook. I am not one to promote depression, but I guess for me I live in reality. Are we happy without merit? Do we just mindlessly try to believe that we are happy when inside we suffer? I think that we should be happy, but we should be honestly happy, not just faking that we are.
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Always Do Your Best

Sometimes it feels like it doesn’t matter what you do, it will always be wrong. I feel so trapped sometimes, just want to do and try my best but it feels like it will never be enough. There is always someone that is wanting more from you or feels like you have not given your best. Someone who truly loves and cares for you, is so rare to find and if you are lucky enough to find someone or people like that, why push them away?
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Getting Noticed (Creating for the Masses)

What do you want? What is it that drives you? That makes you read, listen or watch something and say I want that, I want more of that. I know that as artists and writers that is what we want. We want to know what our audiences desires, what makes them tick, what makes them keep coming back for more. So how do you figure that out? How do you create something that makes the masses turn to you and say you have what I want and I just can’t get enough?

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Through a Story

The thing we need most is to live and let our experiences be the stories we tell. Too often we sit around waiting for a good story to drop in our laps when if we were out experiencing the world, meeting new people, going new places, or rediscovering things we thought we knew who knows what creativity or stories would come from that. Writers must write, but we must also live in order to create the life in our stories.

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Who Would You Be?

If you didn’t have your art or writing, who would you be? I know that i am who I am because I’m able to express myself through writing and words, but what if that wasn’t the case? Have you ever wondered where you would be or what you would be doing if you had no artistic dreams? Now I know this a more focused post about the creative arts, but no matter what it is you do, it is still the same question.

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Winter Reflection

20131130-091306.jpgPhoto Credit: B.C

It’s winter and things are dying, the weather is colder, and it’s time to remember what was and will be. Winter is a wonderful time to reflect and see where you are and where you want to be. So if you aren’t there yet, where you want, just keep going and never give up. Keep going to where you want to be and never give up on that dream. Hope to achieve your dreams is there.