Flowers for Inspiration

For this weekend, I will share some of my favorite pictures I have taken of flowers. The saying “Take time to smell the roses” is so true (though they don’t have to be roses). With these images and words, just remember that life moves so quickly and we must always remember to take time out to do what we love and hopefully share that with others. Let our words, lens or artistic ability inspire and capture such beauty so that others can’t help but be moved. This world needs all the help it can get when it comes to inspiration and beauty. Share yours with the world, whenever you get the chance!

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The Thorns


Photo Credit: B.C

Every rose has its thorns, they say. In our actual lives, what does this mean? We all have personal and professional areas that we need to address and work on. What is it about your emotions that you need to still work on? What is that thorn in your side that keeps you from moving forward or that you use to keep others away? Or is it a professional thorn that keeps you from reaching the goals that you want to achieve?
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