Into the Light (Poem)

I have been listening to an amazing, out of this world band (Blue October) with moving and emotional lyrics. We all have things in our past that we attempt or want to forget or pretend never happened. That normally never works but we still attempt to ignore something and bury it thinking it won’t keep popping up time and again. Most people don’t understand that unless you honestly deal with something then it will never go away and some things are hard to just “deal” with, it takes months, years or a lifetime to work through something, especially if it was something you never asked for or expected to happen.

The world is filled with believers who fail to believe,
Forgetting to forgive those who have hurt them,
Getting lost in the doubts and fears,
Of all the things that they worry can never be.
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Shake It Up

Sometimes we all get stuck! We feel like we are drifting and swaying, lost in a sea of what always is and will be, when we have the ability to change. We can’t change who we are as artists but we can reinvent and allow ourselves to see what we have created and look at it in a different way. Sometimes we need a little life in our art and we need to energize a slow beating heart. How can we find inspiration? Where do we draw our drive and determination from?
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