The Chaos of Musing

Love is a word without meaning,
Said without anyone thinking,
Given to another without question,
And taken without thought of loss.

An idea of the best thing in the world,
Can’t be equal to the reality of time,
Between seeing what you want,
And watching it fade from your grasp.
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Trading Cards (Poem)

Let me make an attempt to understand the darkness,
The place where light cannot penetrate,
No matter how many fires and flashlights,
Pass into your ever reaching hand.
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We Are All Human

I could be taking something from the news and working on writing up my segment about having something to say, but things have been on my mind recently. Scams and relationships. I have recently stumbled upon a whole new world and my mind has gone into the realm of lies and deceit. I don’t understand why people hide themselves or things from those who they claim to love. Call me naive or stupid, whatever, but if you are going to be in a relationship then you have to be open and honest, period. Is there any other way to be?
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Forgetting the Fear, Giving Trust (Just a humble opinion)

Why is it so hard to trust? Really it’s a very complicated question and it’s even harder to actually offer this to someone. To trust someone, to really give yourself to someone means that you open yourself up to hurt. You open yourself up to be exposed and have the potential that all you offer to someone will or might not be returned. We all have a past and people that have broken or hurt us because we offered them our trust, but how should we let that affect our lives? It’s hard to give someone a “clean slate” and not hold past hurts against them but isn’t that the only way?
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Being Happy and Sharing Love

Loving someone is the greatest thing that you can do. It’s amazing how much we hold back in and from ourselves to either keep from doing this or to not do it at all. There are those who don’t seem to understand love, for whatever reason, but why is it so hard to be happy and support someone? It’s funny how much people think they know about you and what is best for your life, but no ones life is the same. We all make decisions and choices that are our own and no one else can or should make those for us.
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The Choices We Make

We all hold ourselves to certain standards and we can’t put those standards on anyone else. I think at times we get frustrated because we don’t understand why a person would choose the life that they do, but the fact of the matter is that it’s their choice. I can’t put what I want out of my life on anyone else, just like they shouldn’t do that to me. I think there are certain standards that we should hold everyone at, when it comes to relationships for example, when it comes to the feelings of another we have to have to look at what standards we are using.
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Being a Friend

No one wants to be alone ever. We have those times in our lives that we gain a larger ego and say that we don’t need anyone, but that really isn’t true. We are social creatures and we are meant to be around other people. If we are alone for too long then it creates issues and problems such as depression and loneliness. What is it that keeps us from reaching out when we need someone? Regardless of friendship or romantic relationship, we should allow people into our lives and try to help in the lives of those around us. Are we better off alone? Do we really need friends or love from those around us?
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