Don’t Let It

You need someone to hate,
Someone to throw your rage at,
Let it be me because I can take it,
I have grown to understand the fall.
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Darkened Light

Come here my love and let me give you the moon,
Only for you to turn around and tell me, you want the stars,
Come here my love and let me give you a tender hug,
So you can tell me that you needed kisses this time,
Come here my love and let me whisper in your ear,
Until later when you say, you couldn’t hear.
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Waiting for Me to Wake (Poem)

These words just flow out of me for fear, doubt or shame. My thoughts race as I try to keep them clear but I can’t stop my mind from questioning and I can’t keep my heart from breaking. These are the thoughts that swirl in my head tonight.

I can’t form the words, through any vocal trying,
I reach out to a world behind the screen,
For they can’t see or judge me,
You are here beside me and if I fall down,
Will you pick me back up again?
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Trust Yourself (poem)

Secrets, lies,
One and the same,
Are they different,
They all cause pain.

Sometimes in life,
We live in the gray,
Of what to do,
Or what to say.

Where should we go,
Who should we turn to,
What is this life,
That we have chosen?

In the darkness,
We lose hope,
Come to the light,
To find it again.

No such feelings,
No such life,
Is worth its weight,
Unless we live it.

Just trust yourself,
To find a way,
To a better,
Tomorrow and future days.

Our Own Happiness

Sometimes all that we can do is be who we are and hope that others find something in us to love. That is how it feels most of the time, that we are blindly loving and opening our hearts to others, with little or not knowing if that love will be returned. Often times people fail to live up to the expectations that we have put out there for them and so really is that their failure or our own? Should we judge people based on what we want from them or should we allow them to be who they are and judge them based on that?
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Always Do Your Best

Sometimes it feels like it doesn’t matter what you do, it will always be wrong. I feel so trapped sometimes, just want to do and try my best but it feels like it will never be enough. There is always someone that is wanting more from you or feels like you have not given your best. Someone who truly loves and cares for you, is so rare to find and if you are lucky enough to find someone or people like that, why push them away?
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