I’ve Got Something to Say About This…Connecting or not online

“The Circle” it almost got it right, I think. I went to see the movie this past weekend and it had some interesting things in it. I don’t really want to do a review of the movie, but it just made me think about everyday life and what it really or might look like in our world today. What would the circle look like in reality? I guess it is a bit of what we already have.

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Loving Online (Scams/Research)

This is both for personal and public use. I am writing with an idea in mind. Recently I have stumbled onto a highly publicized yet casually dismissed problem: online dating scams (online scams in general). I have begun, only this weekend, to research the hazards and dangers that are associated with these types of scams. It’s sad, like most things, people dismiss them as nothing and only “stupid” people fall victim to such things, but that is not the case. I guess I have a new found intrigue and desire to research this issue and truly bring these victims to light and offer assistance in any way possible.
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Being “Social”

Are you a social person? Today this is a very interesting question, the first thing that people think when anyone asks this, they are talking about your internet foot print, so to speak. It’s ironic that a computer screen and these kind of things could be considered our “social” lives, when these things aren’t social at all. Nowadays we have seemed to forget the interactions that come with being social and we have abandoned them for computer screens and keyboards. Is it wrong? Is the amount of friends or followers you have really have an effect on your life?
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