Loving Online (Scams/Research)

This is both for personal and public use. I am writing with an idea in mind. Recently I have stumbled onto a highly publicized yet casually dismissed problem: online dating scams (online scams in general). I have begun, only this weekend, to research the hazards and dangers that are associated with these types of scams. It’s sad, like most things, people dismiss them as nothing and only “stupid” people fall victim to such things, but that is not the case. I guess I have a new found intrigue and desire to research this issue and truly bring these victims to light and offer assistance in any way possible.
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Just Working

There are times when we just feel like no matter what we do, it’s just never enough. No matter how hard we scrape to get where we want to be, there will always be something keeping us from reaching our final goal. We start to move ahead and just as quickly as we climb, we get knocked back down again. How are we expected to get ahead or make any progress when we are constantly being held back or slowed down?
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Where I am and How you can help? (Contest)

We all need direction and guidance at times. We have to stop and take a look at where we are and where we want to be going. I am making progress on my novel “False Justice” which I still can’t stand the title and I have been doing some thinking. I know that what I want is to write and share my thoughts/feelings with the world. I am a writer and even though at times it is hard and less rewarding than I would like, I am a writer.
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Happy Tolkien Reading Day!

How exciting!!! Love me so Tolkien!!!

Interesting Literature

Today is Tolkien Reading Day, an annual event launched in 2003 by the Tolkien Society. (The date of 25 March was chosen in honour of the fall of Sauron in the Third Age, year 3019, in Tolkien’s fiction.) The reading day promotes the use of Tolkien’s writing in schools and library groups, and is celebrated in numerous countries. To mark the occasion, we’ve put together ten of our favourite quotations from John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. The first quotation, about Beowulf, is especially timely because of the recent announcement that Tolkien’s translation of that epic poem is finally going to be published!

On Beowulf and myth: ‘The significance of a myth is not easily to be pinned on paper by analytical reasoning. It is at its best when it is presented by a poet who feels rather than makes explicit what his theme portends; who presents it incarnate in the world of history and geography, as our poet has done. Its defender…

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Slow and Steady

Today is the end of another month and man do I have work to do. I have been writing for my other sites and on here and I have been neglecting my own writing. I have dedicated myself to writing my own work, my novel and eBook, but I have not gotten very far with either. I honestly just started writing my eBook and it keeps forming over time, but I think it will look/turn out good. The hardest part though is actually getting the work done.
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Check In: Resolutions

So it has been a little over a month into the new year and I was thinking the other day about my resolutions. Here is a link to my list: Happy New Year Resolutions. I remember how it was at the start of the year and how excited I was for all the possibilities and I wouldn’t say that that has gone away, but I think it’s time to take a look back at what I wanted to achieve in 2014.
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Reaffirming Committment

I feel like I’m constantly talking about how I have no time. I can’t seem to figure out where the time goes. I go to work, come home, watch what shows and movies I can, hang with those I can, write what I can, and so it goes. We all say that we wish there were more hours in the day but even if we had that we would still use it to do things we need rather than the things we enjoy or want to do.
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Social Networking: The Benefits

I recently started a Twitter account, found at the bottom of the page or at handle @BC_Author, where I have enjoyed the connections I have made there. I have a previous post about social networks called Social Networking: Disconnected Connections, where I talked these sites affect on society. I have not participated in them for many years but now I am back into all that can be benefited from them. This post is more of a different look from the last post where I talk about the benefits of these sites.
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Writing a Novel: Long, Hard Work

In a recent post I wrote about doing what you want and getting where you want to be. At the start of this blog, I created it in order to get my name out there and connect with other writers. I also wrote this in order to write it along with the creation of my very first novel. I have decided on a few things and realized that I have a very long road ahead.
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