What We Imagine vs. Reality

There are often many times that we overlook or dismiss something that we think we already know all about, yet if stop and take a look we might find something completely new. We see a movie or book in the same genre or a remake, God forbid, and we think oh no I am going to hate that, when if we just picked it up or watched it, we might be pleasantly surprised. As they say “don’t judge a book by its cover”, we have to remember that and maybe start applying it in other areas of our life.
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Black and White Photograph

20131129-214419.jpgPhoto Credit: BC

I have always been one that likes to experiment. I love taking black and white photographs and love that digital cameras now give you that ability. Editing always gives you the chance to create effects, but I do like being able to see right on the screen instant how it will all turn out.
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