When Movies Say It Best: “The Usual Suspects”

Welcome to another week and another post. This has been a fun series to relive my favorite movies and movie quotes and moments. I used to be a bit of a “nerd” about this. I would go and print the quotes from my favorite movies on IMDB and put them in a 3 ring binder. Well, I found that binder and I’m going to be using it as I go through this series.

Anyway, the movie today is one of my favorite movies but it also has my favorite actor, Kevin Spacey. He is the best!! Come on Tony awards!!! (He will be hosting if you didn’t know.) I heard a lot about this movie and once I saw it, it blew my mind, just like the quote.

(Last Line)

After that my guess is that you will never hear from him again. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that… he is gone.

(Possible spoilers below, if you haven’t seen this movie orĀ The Sixth Sense please stop reading now. Watch both of these great movies then come enjoy)

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