When Movies Say It Best: “The United States of Leland”

Another week, another movie quote, another movie that impacted me. There is never a shortage of movies or quotes to share. Sometimes there are just those moments when you hear a well-written line and it just hits you like a punch in the gut. This movie started out like that and each scene builds on that feeling. This quote not only sums up the movie, but also words how most people feel about life perfectly.

You have to believe that life is more than the sum of its parts, kiddo.

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When Movies Say It Best: Gone With the Wind

This is my favorite movie, despite the length, I’ve seen this movie so many times that I can practically quote it line for line. I still remember the first time I saw this movie, it was life changing. I was like 8 years old and seeing this grand movie on screen was breathtaking. Even just writing the title here, I can see the opening credits and the title “blowing” across the screen. Everything about this movie seems big and grand. Scarlett, played by Vivian Leigh, is just the star this movie deserved. This really is her movie and though there are many, this quote seems to be something we can all relate to.

  I can’t think about that right now. If I do, I’ll go crazy. I’ll think about that tomorrow.

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