Finding Your Place

They say to be a writer you have to be a reader. I try to read all I can and I want to write and share but a lot of the time it just seems like there is just so much to do. The other day I watched a Youtuber talk about the state of Youtube and where he fit. It really spoke to me because I have similar thoughts and struggles.

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I’ve Got Something to Say About This…Trump

It seems a bit too easy to address our new president. Just Friday an article came out where he claimed he thought the presidency would be “easier”. ( What can you even say about that? How could anyone look at being a president and think by any means it would be easy? Some people though…
Trump has concluded his first 100 days in office and his campaign promises seem to be going with him. His repeal and replace for ACA was squashed and though he seems to be maybe attempting to try to find success with that, it seems unlikely. ACA is far from perfect but could the Trump administration really come up with something better? I have a feeling we might never know. 

I must say I was never a supporter or believer. I do unfortunately feel like we must accept what we have been given though. There are many things that are issues now that we have no idea how he will handle like North Korea, healthcare, tax cuts and that wall to name a few. 

The idea of closing the government due to this wall is more than ridiculous in my opinion. There have been much speculation around this wall and if we look at history how has a wall ever really helped? It is a sad realization that many Americans support the wall and it really doesn’t make any sense. 

How will it all play out with the missile testing also? Could we find ourselves in another war? Could we find ourselves on the wrong side of a nuke? It seems insane to imagine. I remember history class and what was said about each world war, the war to end all wars. Could another war really be that? If there was ever a president that I believe that might happen with, hate to say it could be our current. 

With Trump it feels like what can you even say. There are so many people that worked so blindly to get him into office and now he is there where is there support? They seem to have gone silent. Do they regret their decisions? Probably would never get them to admit it if they do. Trump is here whether we like it or not and all we can really hope is our country survivors until he is finally out. 

When Movies Say It Best: “The Shawshank Redemption”

Welcome to week one, blog post one for my newest category “When Movies Say It Best”. I have always been an avid movie watcher and movies have been my main means of escaping. They have brought me joy and pain throughout the years, often times the most memorable quotes for me come from the saddest of movies. Every Friday I will be posting a single quote from a movie and explaining just why it means so much to me. Please come with me on this journey as I remember all the movies that have shaped my life and the quotes that still inspire, invoke thought or simply provide pleasure for me.

My favorite quote to date comes from the ever famous and beloved movie “The Shawshank Redemption” from the lead character Andy.

Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.

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Take Two: Starting New

It has been a while since I’ve posted anything. I am not sure what I was building this into before but I definitely want to try and build something. 

Time goes by so quickly. I have loved and made changes and lived life. I recently got married and it has been good. Really good. We were together quite a while before and it was just the logical next step. We both work well together and though I know at times we drive each other crazy, we love each other. 

I have always believed in love. I don’t know if I’ve really had a grasp of it, not really until now. I think love means something different to us all. Love is elusive and ever changing but true love lasts. I think this is true and I’d bet my life we make it. I can’t imagine not having him with me. 

Anyway, I’ve been in a more thoughtful mood lately as well. So much has gone on in the world as well as my small portion of the grand production. There is so much hate and mistrust in the world and it is frightening. At times of uncertainty I retreat into books, movies, and tv shows. I escape the uncertainty of life with the craziness of Hollywood. It is a good escape. 

I want to write and share again. I still have things to say, my story is far from over and I feel just getting started so this is still me. A story in my heart and flowing through my finger tips onto the screen. I believe writing and artistic expression is the best way to release your feelings, it at least works for me. I am here again on my mission, no pursuit, to find the creativity in the world and share pieces of me with each blog post I share. I look forward to this journey with you all. Let’s be creative and give even the ugliest of emotions beauty through the expression. 

Small Steps Make the Journey

No matter how much you love someone you can’t change them. I think being a woman it is a hard fact to realize and accept. We want so badly for the people that we love to be apart of our lives in the best way, even when they aren’t. Those of us that find ourselves in situations like this love the people who are stuck. We find that we might be moving forward but those around you either aren’t or can’t keep up.
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How We See the World

Sometimes we find the most beautiful things when we step out of our comfort zone and take a different look at something we thought that we knew. There are a lot of the time that we don’t get the chance to see things from different angles or practically in life, it’s like we can approach a situation and see it from all sides. There are people that can do this and honestly I wish that I had this ability better than what I do, but just like anything else it just takes practice.
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So This Is Life….

So this is life? This constant build up and let down. The back and forth of heading straight into the unknown with hope and joy, to suddenly running back in fear and disappointment. Sometimes life seems like it’s bi-polar, all of these high highs and then the lowest of lows, but then again that is how life is supposed to be right?
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What We Imagine vs. Reality

There are often many times that we overlook or dismiss something that we think we already know all about, yet if stop and take a look we might find something completely new. We see a movie or book in the same genre or a remake, God forbid, and we think oh no I am going to hate that, when if we just picked it up or watched it, we might be pleasantly surprised. As they say “don’t judge a book by its cover”, we have to remember that and maybe start applying it in other areas of our life.
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Taking a Closer Look

There are times when you are lucky and get exactly what you are looking for and you find amazing beauty around you that you had not seen before. I was pleased in the picture below to see a bee flying around. I had no idea that I had captured it, glad while I was taking the picture I didn’t notice it, but now looking back I think it adds something to the image, just like in life when we might have missed something but then take a closer look.

Photo Credit: BC Hickey

Photo Credit: BC Hickey

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