I’ve Got Something to Say About This…Messy Situation

There are many things going on in the world right now. We are transitioning from Spring to Summer, kids are getting out of school or graduating but life is still happening. There is still just as much, if not more, bad out there with the good. This was a story I heard which is both frustrating and upsetting as well as just sad. There is much to be said about this, but more looking from the one left behind rather than a debate on guilt or innocence. I am not judge or jury, so that is not for me to decide.
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I’ve Got Something to Say About This…Violence!

I have been falling behind on these posts lately and although I have been focusing on creative endeavors, opinion pieces are just that. We are asked to look at something, form an opinion and then articulate just what you have to say about it. Every day we all do this, whether it is conscious or not, we all make our opinions know about the news we hear and events that happen around us. This week, I am focusing on a sad event that happened in a Connecticut high school.

CNN: Connecticut teen accused in slashing death of classmate charged as adult
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I’ve Got Something to Say About This…Stupidity and Social Media

Another week and time for another segment of “I’ve Got Something to Say About This…”, where I find something that stuck out to me in the news and write a little about the article and share my thoughts. As always I am glad to hear from those who read or want to comment or if you want to take a stab at it yourself, please let me know and I will be more than happy to feature you. So without further adieu, this week I am talking a little about social media.

Teen’s Terror Tweet
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I’ve Got Something to Say About This…Fort Hood

Another weekend has come and gone and now it is the start of another week. There have been quite a few different news stories and entertainment things that could be discussed. Yesterday, I read in the Huffington Post about the President may not be doing selfies anymore, oh my (not really sure how much I care about that one), it was a big night for Country music and the industry last night, Miley Cyrus’s dog passed (another umm not sure moment), HIMYM had an alternate ending that will be able to be found on the DVD when it is released (interested to see what that is about) and of course all the other millions of things that could be discussed here, but I am again talking about something a little bit closer to home, literally.

Washington Post Article: Fort Hood Shooting
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I’ve Got Something to Say About This…Being Neglectful

Another week and another installment of “I’ve Got Something to Say About This…” Today marks the end of sign up for Obamacare, although that is not what I will be writing about here. There could be a lot to say about signing up for health insurance and being forced to sign up for it, or else you pay for it. This week, I have choose to focus on writing about something a little bit closer to home.

Houston apartment complex fire
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I’ve Got Something to Say About This…Oil Issue

Another week has come and gone and we are back to the start again. There is so much going on or not going on in the world but there are sometimes the things that happen right in your backyard, so to speak, that just gets you thinking. There are many things I could talk about like what is going on in Ukraine or that you have until 3/31 to sign up for Obamacare, but there was something a bit close that is upsetting. This past weekend, a barge hit another ship and spilled oil into the Galveston bay and as Monday morning comes, it is still an issue.

Oil Spill (KHOU): Barge ship collides in Houston Ship Channel
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I’ve Got Something to Say About This…St. Patrick’s Day

Another week and I feel very ill prepared. Today is St. Patrick’s day and we are supposed to celebrate it with the wearing of green and typically if you do not wear such color then it will result in a “pinch” from others. I am glad that I don’t know many people who still abide by such “rules” especially since I forgot to wear green today. I do have green eyes, although that is never accepted, or at least by most. My boyfriend asked why do we celebrate it here in the US and it got me to thinking about the reason why. When you log on to Google, it is decorated for the day, but do we know why? Do we care? Is it just an excuse to party, drink green beer and celebrate? What is St. Patrick’s Day all about?
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I’ve Got Something to Say About This…Tragic Mystery

Another Monday morning and for most here it is Spring Break. I miss the days of being in school and getting a week off to do whatever I wanted, it seems like a distant memory, but I guess so do most things as we grow up. But it’s another week and so another segment. There has been much going on in the world, most of which tragic and disheartening. There are many things I could talk about this week, but this morning I found this article.

Huffington Post: Investigators Chase ‘Every Angle’ In Missing Malaysia Jet
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I’ve Got Something to Say About This…

So last night was the biggest night in Hollywood for motion pictures, it was the handing out of the Oscars. This is the night where all the celebrities come together and pat themselves on the back and act like children, from time to time. I honestly enjoy the Oscars, it is fun and over the years it has gotten quite a bit more entertaining. Last night was not exception, but regardless of if you think movies are deserving of this awards or not, there is another award show that happens around this time every year too.

After reading more about “The Razzies”, which I have been aware of for many years now, it has quite an interesting history and each year it serves up the “worst” that movies has to offer. This year was no different but just like with the Oscars, I have no doubt there will be people who don’t agree with their choices either.
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I’ve Got Something to Say About This…Celebrity Edition

Another week, another issue, another post. Sometimes it seems like that, just “another” although we might not be getting where we want to be, but we are getting further along. I can’t say if my segments each week are having an impact overall, but I know that these at least get a few views every now and then and a couple comments too. I am hoping overtime this will continue to grow and others will possibly want to participate as well. Ideas, guest posters and suggestions are always welcome below and at my email: thepursuit.beingcreative@gmail.com so please keep reading and letting know what you think about it all.

I was humbled this weekend by the notification of finally getting a 1,000 likes on here too. It has been almost three months and I am pleased with that. I appreciate all of those who have come across my blog and liked, read, commented or anything. We only get better by putting the work in and making adjustments when needed. So without any other adieu for this week’s reading please my topic is celebrities.
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