Loving Online (Scams/Research)

This is both for personal and public use. I am writing with an idea in mind. Recently I have stumbled onto a highly publicized yet casually dismissed problem: online dating scams (online scams in general). I have begun, only this weekend, to research the hazards and dangers that are associated with these types of scams. It’s sad, like most things, people dismiss them as nothing and only “stupid” people fall victim to such things, but that is not the case. I guess I have a new found intrigue and desire to research this issue and truly bring these victims to light and offer assistance in any way possible.
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Happy New Year: Resolutions

So that time is finally upon us. Happy New Year to all my followers out there and those who may stumble upon this blog! I hope that everyone had a good new year and they are ready to face the coming year with anticipation and excitement. I enjoyed a quiet evening and hope to have a relaxing day as I prepare to get ready to achieve all the goals/resolutions I plan on making. Continue reading