Take My Hand Again (Poem)

Some days, words just seem to flow from you. This is one of those days. Memories that knock on doors, long left closed and locked tight, then suddenly you hear a knocking and can’t seem to ignore the thoughts any longer. Sometimes we push things away to keep from feeling or dealing, but eventually we have to find a way to make peace with it, one way or another….

Tightening in my chest, for the words I long to say,
Stifled like a cry in my throat, refusing to escape,
Why can’t I just release them, remove them from my head,
So finally, for this one moment in time, I will be free at last.
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Childhood Dreams

20131221-095934.jpgPhoto Credit:B.C

Although a cold front came through earlier this week, bringing lots of rain and cooler weather, snow is still not in the forecast. Christmas has come and gone without a single drop or hint of snow. I was thankful that the cold front came through before Christmas and brought the temperature down, but the child inside still wanted to wake up and see snow Christmas morning.

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