The Image (Poem)

I look down and see a face,
Of someone that is not me,
This hollow empty shell,
Of someone I claim to be.
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Where I Belong (Poem)

Let me speak the words on repeat in my mind,
Get lost in the chaos of all I attempted to leave behind,
Yet failed to leave in a pile on the ground,
Above your final resting place,
Where the memories you created for us should stay.
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Take My Hand Again (Poem)

Some days, words just seem to flow from you. This is one of those days. Memories that knock on doors, long left closed and locked tight, then suddenly you hear a knocking and can’t seem to ignore the thoughts any longer. Sometimes we push things away to keep from feeling or dealing, but eventually we have to find a way to make peace with it, one way or another….

Tightening in my chest, for the words I long to say,
Stifled like a cry in my throat, refusing to escape,
Why can’t I just release them, remove them from my head,
So finally, for this one moment in time, I will be free at last.
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Dealing with Emotions as Seen on TV

I have previously written a post about Living in a TV World and again this week, it has been brought to my mind again. I guess it is not just in TV shows or in movies, but people in these situations seem to think so shortsightedly. I know that we all have moments when we are just consumed by thoughts and emotions, but people go around hurting others, destroying property or themselves, and other things without any thought to the aftermath.
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