Writing with Purpose

What spurs your creative bone? Even I have realized that some of my best, most relatable work comes when I feel angry or depressed, but does that go against inspiration? It has been a question I’ve wondered about a while, the depressive, happy line.
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Black and White Photograph

20131129-214419.jpgPhoto Credit: BC

I have always been one that likes to experiment. I love taking black and white photographs and love that digital cameras now give you that ability. Editing always gives you the chance to create effects, but I do like being able to see right on the screen instant how it will all turn out.
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Winter Reflection

20131130-091306.jpgPhoto Credit: B.C

It’s winter and things are dying, the weather is colder, and it’s time to remember what was and will be. Winter is a wonderful time to reflect and see where you are and where you want to be. So if you aren’t there yet, where you want, just keep going and never give up. Keep going to where you want to be and never give up on that dream. Hope to achieve your dreams is there.

No Longer Failing, Getting Where I Want to Be

I think that I am like most people out there who want to pursue a career in a creative field, you have a lot of ideas and dreams, but you just aren’t sure how to enact them to achieve that goal. I know that I have over a thousand poems, countless short stories (at various stages), novels that have started, photographs, drawings, songs, but I am just not sure which one of these things to jump into and how exactly to “jump” into them.

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The Pursuit

Hello Blogging World!! I have previously blogged highlighting my art which I write poetry, short stories, draw, do photography, among other things. I want to use this to promote and connect with the world out there. To share ideas and suggestions all the while in pursuit of a publishing deal. I want others to go along with me while I go with them as we try to navigate the world of publishing.
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