Real Beauty (Poem)

A picture of perfection,
The ideal smile and laugh,
You are an image of absolute joy,
The very idea of what we all should be.
But you aren’t real just an image,
You are the one that we try,
To kill ourselves to be just like,
And we always seem to fail.
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Reviews, Reviews, Reviews!! Check It Out!

Don’t forget if you are in or coming to the Houston area and want to know what it happening with the Performing arts, be sure to check out my page. I also provide reviews for movies as well. Check it out, subscribe to receive emails of postings so you don’t miss out!

The Pursuit: Being Creative

Life just moves so quickly and it seems like I just can’t keep up. I have really been getting into writing for my Examiner pages. I currently have two:

1. Houston Movies Examiner

2. Houston Performing Arts Examiner

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Thoughts on a Play

I have enjoyed getting to write reviews for the Examiner over the past couple months. I used to do it and just let it slip, but now I get to see and experience so many different things. I have enjoyed almost all the performances that I have been to and I look forward to all that I have yet to see.

‘Time Stands Still’ (review): Focusing on the choices we make
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