Trading Cards (Poem)

Let me make an attempt to understand the darkness,
The place where light cannot penetrate,
No matter how many fires and flashlights,
Pass into your ever reaching hand.
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Blood Lust (Poem)

Let me get a tourniquet to stop the blood flow,
I’d let it slowly drain out but true suffering cuts you like knife,
It lets you bleed but suddenly runs dry,
And the world after is nothing like the before.
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Trust Yourself (poem)

Secrets, lies,
One and the same,
Are they different,
They all cause pain.

Sometimes in life,
We live in the gray,
Of what to do,
Or what to say.

Where should we go,
Who should we turn to,
What is this life,
That we have chosen?

In the darkness,
We lose hope,
Come to the light,
To find it again.

No such feelings,
No such life,
Is worth its weight,
Unless we live it.

Just trust yourself,
To find a way,
To a better,
Tomorrow and future days.

On the Shelf (Poem)

The cover has been closed and the book back in it’s place,
All the sentences have created a complete story,
That tells of our journey together,
From where we started, how far we’ve come and how it finally ends.

Another book placed on a dusty shelf,
Just placed there to collect dust,
No longer a story in the present,
Just an incomplete one that has been closed.
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