Why being different is bad

I wrote a post about being honest with yourself and others. I wrote about not understanding people and how I wished I understood them more, but the more I have human interactions the more I doubt that desire. Sometimes you just have interactions with people and you remember why you claim to hate them and why you have no desire to understand or be anything like them.

It was a simple interaction. Three idiot guys thinking they were funny and just like with anything, most things you do doesn’t much matter, but you never know what someone is going through or what they have been through. They were being idiots and it felt more like an experience in a high school hallway than one in a workplace one, but that was the situation I was in. Is it that guys see a girl standing alone and they think easy target? I don’t really know nor do I want to know how the male brain works. I had my badge on so he had the privilege of calling me by my first name. I don’t know him so yes him speaking to me like he knew me, bothered me. It just rubbed me the wrong way. First thing that bothered me.

I guess he was trying to be “cute”, not really sure and I do not care, but apparently he was debating if he had a meeting with me and concluded, all while speaking out loud to himself, that he did not know me so he probably was not in the meeting I was going to. Lucky me, I did not know him and no, we were not going to the same meeting. Let me cut away for a moment and I will get back to the main story momentarily. I am not adverse to technology but I do still have a flip phone. No, you did not read that wrong, I do not have a smart phone. It is shocking, I know, in this day and age, but I just never got one and don’t really feel the need to get one right now. Back to the three guys now, well of course we are in IT, so they all must have the latest tech right? The one guy just walking up to join them chimes in about “liking” my phone to which I give an annoyed glare. He then proceeds to make a joke about asking if I updated with wireless security. The other two idiots with him of course erupt in laughter. Hilarious right?

I just seemed to brush it off, they were idiots but the more my day has gone on, the more bothered by it I am. I hate the feelings it gave me. I hate how people talk and treat each other. I don’t have a smart phone because I don’t want one. I could get one and I am thinking about it, but just because what I have is different from the rest of society, why call it out as a joke? What is funny about someone not having the latest technology? Or is it funny because you see me as being less? Why do we make fun of those who we “deem” as being less?

I understand I do have a job and in this day and age, it is something to be thankful for, but just because I have a job it does not mean that I want to pay an arm and a leg to a phone company. Shouldn’t we look at others who are different as unique? Shouldn’t we see the value in the way they are or here is an idea, if someone is minding their own business why don’t you just leave them the hell alone? In the entire interaction, I did not say anything to them, so why even bother me? 

Society sees someone alone and different so they think they are outsiders and weird. They see those that are different as being less, but what if we saw them differently? What if we saw them and thought why? What makes them different and actually care about them rather than they are different so point and laugh. These three idiot guys meant no harm, really, but they caused it. They saw me as being different and thought they would poke fun at me. They would make themselves feel better by making me feel less. It is horrible and disgusting behavior, but it is accepted and tolerated in our society and it sickens me. 

It boils down to treat others better. The fact is those guys could have gone about their days and left me alone, but they didn’t. They could have just been decent human beings and said hi, but they didn’t. They could have just not been assholes, but they didn’t. I just hate how society is sometimes and it makes me sad. If someone is different, instead of pointing and laughing, how about seeing what makes them special? See why they choose to not be cookie cutter. If someone is minding their own business? Why not leave them be? It doesn’t have to be complicated. Let people be, like, or do what they want, especially if it has no effect on your life. It seems pretty simple because it is. 


The Writers Strike that Never Was

It was the year 2008 and the Oscars were pushed back, TV was in a slump and reality shows were at their peek!! That was the first writers strike. It was far too long and very unnerving. Hollywood took a turn and I’m glad the past few years has brought more scripted TV shows. There has been more than enough quality shows not only on network stations but add in streaming and cable, who has the time. 
When it comes to my shows, well I am a little overboard you can say. I love to organize and so I do that even with my TV watching. You might say buy a TV guide or just look online, but I have a system that works. That system includes an excel with a master list of show names, channel, time, day of week and season they come on. Taking it one step farther, I have tabs for each day of the week with the show name and each episode, date aired, and title. I highlight to know when I’ve watched an episode to make sure I don’t miss anything. I watch a lot of shows and I cut the cable cord so it is how I get by. 

Well, last week the news started to gossip about another potential writers strike. What is this? Could it be? For a moment, not that a strike is good, but is that a break I see possibly on the horizon?! The demands, more pay, the typical, but writers have good reason. Good for them, make sure you get what you should be getting for the hard work you aren’t appreciated for. I say from one writer to another. 

Earlier today, the news broke that no strike would occur even after the guild voted for it. An agreement was reached. I am glad, really I am, can you read it in my words, I am. So let’s leave it at that. 

Honestly, a strike would have been bad and I am glad it was avoided, but a little break would have been nice. My excel could have used it. Summer is coming but that means more time to find and watch the shows I have had yet to have time for then fall will be here before you know it and the madness begins again. I hear you, just stop watching. It is simple right? 

TV, movies, and books have always meant something to me. These are the things that have never left me. It might sound simple and childish, but growing up my “friends” always left. They would move away or transfer, it happened so much it became a running family joke. So where did I turn? Hollywood. The place with the best friends in the world. They wouldn’t leave or go anywhere. They entertained and I could watch them always, over and over again. 

I think that feeling stayed with me. That feeling of connection and safety. I still turn to my shows as a means of connecting and escaping. These shows are like a friendship in a way. When I need a lunch date, turn one on or a way to make it through a boring afternoon, push a button. Just like friendship though it is also work. I just wanted a slight break, is that too much to ask? 

The writers didn’t go on strike. There is no 2017 strike to write or care about, but the possibility made me think. Where would I be without my shows? Where would we all be? Maybe this can remind us to appreciate the things and people we love just a little more. It all goes by too quickly so we have to remember the work just means we are doing something we care about and we should try and find the joy in it somewhere. Happy uninterrupted channel surfing!

Small Steps Make the Journey

No matter how much you love someone you can’t change them. I think being a woman it is a hard fact to realize and accept. We want so badly for the people that we love to be apart of our lives in the best way, even when they aren’t. Those of us that find ourselves in situations like this love the people who are stuck. We find that we might be moving forward but those around you either aren’t or can’t keep up.
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How We See the World

Sometimes we find the most beautiful things when we step out of our comfort zone and take a different look at something we thought that we knew. There are a lot of the time that we don’t get the chance to see things from different angles or practically in life, it’s like we can approach a situation and see it from all sides. There are people that can do this and honestly I wish that I had this ability better than what I do, but just like anything else it just takes practice.
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So This Is Life….

So this is life? This constant build up and let down. The back and forth of heading straight into the unknown with hope and joy, to suddenly running back in fear and disappointment. Sometimes life seems like it’s bi-polar, all of these high highs and then the lowest of lows, but then again that is how life is supposed to be right?
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What We Imagine vs. Reality

There are often many times that we overlook or dismiss something that we think we already know all about, yet if stop and take a look we might find something completely new. We see a movie or book in the same genre or a remake, God forbid, and we think oh no I am going to hate that, when if we just picked it up or watched it, we might be pleasantly surprised. As they say “don’t judge a book by its cover”, we have to remember that and maybe start applying it in other areas of our life.
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Stepping Out

For me there are two kinds of people in the world, those who like, seek attention and those who are content to let those people get all the attention. I guess in a way we are all, at times, a mix of both, but for the most part people seem to either be in one group or the other. Despite my blog here, I tend to put myself in the allow others to get the attention group. I know that I write my blog here and post to get people to notice, appreciate and be inspired by what I write, but it’s not sensational or just speaking for speakings sake, which there are those people that do that. I can’t say that one is better than the other one, but those people that just speak for speakings sake.
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Our Own Happiness

Sometimes all that we can do is be who we are and hope that others find something in us to love. That is how it feels most of the time, that we are blindly loving and opening our hearts to others, with little or not knowing if that love will be returned. Often times people fail to live up to the expectations that we have put out there for them and so really is that their failure or our own? Should we judge people based on what we want from them or should we allow them to be who they are and judge them based on that?
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We Are All Human

I could be taking something from the news and working on writing up my segment about having something to say, but things have been on my mind recently. Scams and relationships. I have recently stumbled upon a whole new world and my mind has gone into the realm of lies and deceit. I don’t understand why people hide themselves or things from those who they claim to love. Call me naive or stupid, whatever, but if you are going to be in a relationship then you have to be open and honest, period. Is there any other way to be?
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Friend Needed: Apply Within

It seems like all the important things in life require an application. It seems like almost everything nowadays you have to fill out some kind of paperwork, for a driver’s license, college, job, marriage certificate, etc., but to be a friend nothing. You simply meet someone, find common interest or ground and then all the sudden you are inviting them into your world and life and you really have no idea what you are in for. This can both be an exciting and heartbreaking part of life. Relationships are complicated and in all honesty, we go into all of them blind and just end up hoping for the best.

Friend of course is a noun and in the dictionary is defined as “a person who you like and enjoy being with; a person who helps or supports someone or something (such as a cause or charity)”.

It’s all perfectly summed up right there like a nice present with a beautiful bow on top, “person you like being with”. If only life was that simple and non-complex, that who we like being with also feels the same and has the same expectations.

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