I’ve Got Something to Say About This…Suicide

It is both heartbreaking and tragic when someone chooses to take their own life. It just leaves you wondering why and could something have been done. The news of Chris Cornell’s death sent shock waves. He was laid to rest this past Friday in LA. You never know what is going on until it is too late.

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I’ve Got Something to Say About This…Cancellations

So last week was the week, TV finally revealed their line ups. This year has been quite an ending. There have been many favorites cancelled, many of them I personally really enjoyed watching. It has been a bit of a heartbreaking season, but we must forge ahead. What must the networks be thinking?

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I’ve Got Something to Say About This…Customer Service

Most of the time I try to write these opinion pieces based on news articles that I have read, but this one is a bit more personal. In this day and age, there seems to be less and less emphasis customer service when it actually should be just the opposite. Companies should focus more on creating customer loyalty and doing whatever they can to keep customers, yet more companies seem to be doing the opposite. Often times, the best thing to do for a customer is just to listen and offer whatever you are capable to make the situation better. Customer service is simple, but why does it seem so difficult for companies?

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I’ve Got Something to Say About This…Connecting or not online

“The Circle” it almost got it right, I think. I went to see the movie this past weekend and it had some interesting things in it. I don’t really want to do a review of the movie, but it just made me think about everyday life and what it really or might look like in our world today. What would the circle look like in reality? I guess it is a bit of what we already have.

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I’ve Got Something to Say About This…Trump

It seems a bit too easy to address our new president. Just Friday an article came out where he claimed he thought the presidency would be “easier”. (https://apple.news/A1XxQ42gFQ0uP8Rvv8kpCzA) What can you even say about that? How could anyone look at being a president and think by any means it would be easy? Some people though…
Trump has concluded his first 100 days in office and his campaign promises seem to be going with him. His repeal and replace for ACA was squashed and though he seems to be maybe attempting to try to find success with that, it seems unlikely. ACA is far from perfect but could the Trump administration really come up with something better? I have a feeling we might never know. 

I must say I was never a supporter or believer. I do unfortunately feel like we must accept what we have been given though. There are many things that are issues now that we have no idea how he will handle like North Korea, healthcare, tax cuts and that wall to name a few. 

The idea of closing the government due to this wall is more than ridiculous in my opinion. There have been much speculation around this wall and if we look at history how has a wall ever really helped? It is a sad realization that many Americans support the wall and it really doesn’t make any sense. 

How will it all play out with the missile testing also? Could we find ourselves in another war? Could we find ourselves on the wrong side of a nuke? It seems insane to imagine. I remember history class and what was said about each world war, the war to end all wars. Could another war really be that? If there was ever a president that I believe that might happen with, hate to say it could be our current. 

With Trump it feels like what can you even say. There are so many people that worked so blindly to get him into office and now he is there where is there support? They seem to have gone silent. Do they regret their decisions? Probably would never get them to admit it if they do. Trump is here whether we like it or not and all we can really hope is our country survivors until he is finally out. 

I’ve Got Something to Say About This… “13 Reasons Why”

It is all over news feeds and there is nothing but controversy around this show. I finally finished season one, why there is even the possibility of a season two?? Oh yeah, huge deviations from the book. Ok fine, Netflix, I will let you get away with the possibility of a season two since you did leave it wide open.

So how did I hear about this book? From the recent show craze? No about a year ago I stumbled upon this book. I had read a novel called “Stolen” and “13 Reasons Why” appeared as a people also liked suggestion. I read the synopsis and thought this seems bleak but sound different. The novel is almost ten years old but the reviews all seemed very praise filled.

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I’ve Got Something to Say About This…Messy Situation

There are many things going on in the world right now. We are transitioning from Spring to Summer, kids are getting out of school or graduating but life is still happening. There is still just as much, if not more, bad out there with the good. This was a story I heard which is both frustrating and upsetting as well as just sad. There is much to be said about this, but more looking from the one left behind rather than a debate on guilt or innocence. I am not judge or jury, so that is not for me to decide.
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I’ve Got Something to Say About This…Violence!

I have been falling behind on these posts lately and although I have been focusing on creative endeavors, opinion pieces are just that. We are asked to look at something, form an opinion and then articulate just what you have to say about it. Every day we all do this, whether it is conscious or not, we all make our opinions know about the news we hear and events that happen around us. This week, I am focusing on a sad event that happened in a Connecticut high school.

CNN: Connecticut teen accused in slashing death of classmate charged as adult
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I’ve Got Something to Say About This…Stupidity and Social Media

Another week and time for another segment of “I’ve Got Something to Say About This…”, where I find something that stuck out to me in the news and write a little about the article and share my thoughts. As always I am glad to hear from those who read or want to comment or if you want to take a stab at it yourself, please let me know and I will be more than happy to feature you. So without further adieu, this week I am talking a little about social media.

Teen’s Terror Tweet
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I’ve Got Something to Say About This…Fort Hood

Another weekend has come and gone and now it is the start of another week. There have been quite a few different news stories and entertainment things that could be discussed. Yesterday, I read in the Huffington Post about the President may not be doing selfies anymore, oh my (not really sure how much I care about that one), it was a big night for Country music and the industry last night, Miley Cyrus’s dog passed (another umm not sure moment), HIMYM had an alternate ending that will be able to be found on the DVD when it is released (interested to see what that is about) and of course all the other millions of things that could be discussed here, but I am again talking about something a little bit closer to home, literally.

Washington Post Article: Fort Hood Shooting
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