Little Bit About Me….

Let’s start with the basics, you can call me B.C. (this is both my initials and my blog title). I started blogging earlier this year, as a way to kind of jump start or kick off my career in the arts. I have always, always been a writer. I was the dreamer that lived in reality though, if that makes sense. I always wanted to pursue writing, becoming a published author, as a profession but I was practical and realized that it took work and it also was not a guarantee. I am a worrisome kind of person so yes to pay the bills I get by with other means, but my heart still lies with writing, drawing, photography, and music.

With starting a blog they always talk about being consistent. I have a hard time sticking to things, but I am trying to keep myself honest and keep myself on a schedule. I have a category titled “I’ve Got Something To Say About This…” where I try to share my opinion on something current or in the news. Just a bit of an opinion section and my goal is to publish those once a week on Monday. Be sure to keep an eye out for those. Also, I have just decided to create a new category called “When Movies Say It Best”. This actually came from a Twitter follower I received. I have always had my heads in the clouds so to speak. I have always loved movies and especially those really quotable lines. So I have decided that every Friday I will share one of my favorite quotes and a bit about why it matters to me. I hope as I begin to share, others will chime in as well. Please know that my blog is only as good as its followers, all of your wonderful readers!

I started this blog, just like I said in my first blog post, to both inspire others, but also myself in a way to keep this dream of a small girl alive. I have written a lot of poems for another blog that I recently closed. I am hoping to edit those and try to get some published, as well as create and release an eBook of poems (stay toned more information about that will be coming soon). I do have some, well two, publications under my belt. First, I had a flash fiction piece published at “One Million Stories: The Sharp End” entitled, “Time to Say Goodbye“. Only recently I had three of my poems published online with “BlazeVOX” in the Fall 2013 edition follow the link to my direct page, Poems.

Those, so far, are my only two publications that I can add, but as I continue to create and hopefully have success I want to keep it updated. I love to interact with others and share ideas. I am hoping to post samples of my writing, just little pieces to offer readers the chance to help guide me or offer suggestions, as well as hear what you have to say about what you are creating. I am the kind of person that truly does love life. I know that life is hard and not always pretty, but I think that as long as you never give up or give in then you keep fighting for what it is that you truly want. This is my dedication to myself and my dream. I hope to have you come a long with me and I hope to share in the journey with you as well. Thank you for reading, following, commenting (no matter what it is you do), please just never give up on yourself and your dreams. You are worth it and you only get one life, so live it to do what it is you want to do.

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10 thoughts on “Little Bit About Me….

  1. Wish you the best of it with your dream/s.
    Quote: I know that life is hard and not always pretty, but I think that as long as you never give up or give in then you keep fighting for what it is that you truly want.
    In a broad picture, life may be a struggle for some, but sure I can say …LIFE IS WHAT ONE MAKES OF IT…..REGARDLESS OF OBSTACLES. 😉
    Cheers and thanks for visiting.

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