I’ve Got Something to Say About This…Cancellations

So last week was the week, TV finally revealed their line ups. This year has been quite an ending. There have been many favorites cancelled, many of them I personally really enjoyed watching. It has been a bit of a heartbreaking season, but we must forge ahead. What must the networks be thinking?

I am sure the possibility of a writers strike left a bad taste in many studios mouths, so to speak. This year the ax came down on some fan favorites with minimal explanation. The worst part about cancellations is that it can always be blamed on ratings. There are many shows that were shown the door that were clearly due to ratings yet others seems a bit more suspicious.

“Last Man Standing” is definitely a show I will miss. I hated after the first season the actress that played the oldest daughter was changed, but I got over that. I really enjoyed this show. I think I did because it was a bit like the 90s sitcoms which they really don’t have on anymore. There really aren’t family type sitcoms anymore that remind you of shows like “Boy Meets World” or “Home Improvement”. It is just the way of the times I suppose.

“American Crime” was another hit for me. I was honestly not excited about this season but thought why not. It was the best show I watched this year. This show is gritty, honest, hard hitting. I wish a streaming company would pick it up. I feel it would do better there. Shows like this one don’t exist on network TV and now we see why.

It appears shows might be going back towards the “unscripted”. We all know they are fake right?? We can admit that to ourselves right? Well, I personally believe generations look back on things and regret them like mullets, bell bottoms, disco music, etc and I think we will do this with reality shows. I still believe that. I don’t enjoy them and feel sad that these are what get the ratings. I don’t want TV to go back to that. Blah!

I miss some of my recently cancelled shows already but maybe I can find something more productive to do with my time? It is a nice idea but really there is always enough shows to really keep you busy plus who know what good pilots might appear next year.

What about y’all? What show will you miss most? What show are you glad to see go? Share your thoughts in the comments below with what you think of the network announcements.

As always be sure to come back next week for another post. Let me know what you want to talk about. Also be sure to stop by Friday for another “When Movies Say It Best”.


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