So what do people respond to? Honesty? I would say yes it is true but I don’t know if that is always the case.  I was honest and it seemed to work out and pay off. People seemed to at least stop and take notice. Is that what you want, what people want?

I have never been the kind of person that understands people. I have always been fascinated by those people who are able to read people but I am not one of them. I wish I knew how to just see someone and just know what kind of person they are. Although I say that I don’t see the best in people, I can’t help but to see it. I know that there are bad people out there but I still don’t see it everywhere.

I am certainly not saying that seeing the bad is being able to read people, but being able to see who people really are is important. I think to be a good writer then I must be able to see people for who they are. I am working to see reality. Ultimately, it boils down to me. I want to be true and honest with myself.

It is difficult not to become cynical in the world we live today. Often being cynical leads to aggression and sarcasm, it causes people to put up walls. It causes people to back away when we really should be trying to pull people closer. I think the saddest thing about the world today is how little with care and that even starts with me.

I hate to admit it but if I am trying to be honest, I have to start with myself, and I am a typical American a lot of the time. I see others and wonder how they are so driven. I wonder how they have such convictions. I am not saying that I have no convictions but I just struggle with the idea that there is only one way. There is only one right answer to it all. Maybe because I am a writer I want to see both sides. I see the things from both angles and I find it hard to see which is really better or right.

Often there are many cultural differences and one-person sees it one way and the other sees it theirs and it has to do with where and how they were raised. How can we say that the other belief or person is wrong when we have not lived as they have? I understand there are people that do really wrong things being brainwashed or due to circumstances and how can we hate that? How can we hate them? People do as they are told most of the time and when they cause pain, is it there fault or the fault of those who taught them?

I guess people could say I am a bleeding heart kind. I do believe that people are or can be good. I believe that people often chose the easy and often times that is the wrong or hurtful thing. It is sad that that is the choice but shouldn’t that mean we try harder. Isn’t that what a writer does or should do? We write to escape reality and offer people entertainment but should we not also challenge them and ask them to see things outside themselves. I guess it all goes back to my favorite movie quote about hope. If nothing else, I believe in hope and maybe sometimes that is all we have is the belief in hope.


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