I’ve Got Something to Say About This…Customer Service

Most of the time I try to write these opinion pieces based on news articles that I have read, but this one is a bit more personal. In this day and age, there seems to be less and less emphasis customer service when it actually should be just the opposite. Companies should focus more on creating customer loyalty and doing whatever they can to keep customers, yet more companies seem to be doing the opposite. Often times, the best thing to do for a customer is just to listen and offer whatever you are capable to make the situation better. Customer service is simple, but why does it seem so difficult for companies?

This past weekend, I had one of the worst customer service experience I have had in recent memory. Most of the time, the worst experiences seem to be at restaurants and that seems to make sense, but this time it was a movie theater. AMC is one of the largest in the nation, but the way that this situation was handled was terrible. Apparently, power had gone down, but besides adequately communicating that information, the manager made a simple “yell” announcement. I was very upset, seeing as I had paid and planned on seeing an IMAX 3D movie. There is nothing wrong with power going out or a company running into issues, but for you to basically not communicate that then simply yell at us, not okay. Eventually, another manager appeared and explained a bit “better” the situation. Her main fault was she said they were having to manually start movies and it was taking longer than expected and they could have either opened this morning causing these issues or chose not to open. Most everyone agreed that they should not have opened.

I personally was under that mindset. These companies forget that they are working with real people. I say they forget or maybe they just don’t care, but forget sounds better. Instead of acting like the company having no choice, they made themselves seem greedy. I understand that their company would have taken a monetary hit not opening and would have made some people upset. Them opening seemed to upset a lot more people and possibly making some lifelong haters of their company. I can understand that making money is important, but they really should have weighed the pros and cons of opening.

I definitely don’t understand the lack of care that companies has for their customers. I understand that many of the jobs where customer service is most important are the positions that are filled by younger employees and lower paid. It seems like these types of positions should be paid more, almost like hazard pay, so that you get employees that are able to take care of your customers. I remember working at Walgreens and they push customer service, so it was really a shock when most of the employees I worked with didn’t seem to care about the training. It comes from both the employees and management.

It is so frustrating when you fasted with an absolutely horrible customer service experience and always seems to leave me thinking how could this have been done better. How could this have been handled better? Often times, there are split second decisions that are made, but should that be how it is handled. Often, if someone takes a single moment to stop and think it really could save a lot of frustration and heartbreak. Why don’t people do that? Is it really even possible?

Customer service should be the forefront of how every company thinks and if they don’t then they should really think about what they are doing. People should simply care more about themselves and others and I think that the issue of customer service would be gone. Maybe if they followed the golden rule of treat others how you would like to be treated, it would solve a lot of issues. Maybe someday it will change, if not, we can always just hope.

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