What Are Your Favorite Things?

I like to dabble in photography. I really enjoy it and there are often times that I am proud of the pictures I take. I am far from a professional, but I still find joy in it. I honestly want to take a course or something in it, if I find the time. Photography is on my long list of hobbies. Who has time for those right? I want to find more time, but everyone knows how that goes.

For those out there, what are your favorite hobbies? For the photographers, professional and amateur, what are the things you like to take pictures of? What are your favorite subjects? I personally love taking pictures of landscapes rolling hills, forest, flowers (mostly), ocean views. I have seen brilliant portrait photographers and I feel like I would need to study composition more to do something like that. I often don’t take picture of live subjects.

I would love to hear what your favorite things are both in the photography world or just what your hobbies are. Hope you enjoy some of my favorite photographs of my favorite “subjects”



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