I’ve Got Something to Say About This…Connecting or not online

“The Circle” it almost got it right, I think. I went to see the movie this past weekend and it had some interesting things in it. I don’t really want to do a review of the movie, but it just made me think about everyday life and what it really or might look like in our world today. What would the circle look like in reality? I guess it is a bit of what we already have.

This isn’t necessarily about social media, but it seems like more and more in the news you read about what is being allowed through that site. I don’t think Americans are under any illusions anymore about secrecy, or are they? Think we have seen enough with Snowden and Wikileaks, but there still many that want to keep their heads in the sand, so to speak. The idea from the movie seems logical and actually kind of nice. Transparency sounds like a nice idea, especially from our government, but normally when it is presented it is not from the top down. It seems obvious to think that, but funny how those most “important” never want to be the ones to have everyone see what is going on in their lives.

Really what would transparency look like? Basically, just like this blog post, this is out there for everyone to see. There are many who are of the mindset that if you “post” your life then you are one connecting and two being transparent, but really is that true? How many people really feel connected when they post on their walls or tweet out? I have read different articles that discuss the hazards of social media and how it actually makes people feel depressed. Is it really bad that people connect online? The main thing really is that you remember online connections are just online connections. More often than not, the connections that matter are those that you nurture and honestly build. Most of the time you need a connection outside of online to really make anything online meaningful.

The topic has gone a bit away from me, but really from the circle the point is about having all data in one place and how safe is that? Who is using that data and where is it going? Honestly, I don’t feel like it would be all that safe and of course there are those who say if you have nothing to hide then why would you have a problem with it. I can understand that in a sense, but in reality that isn’t the case. There are things we say and do, of course, that we just don’t want to share with people. Who are we to tell someone who they should and should not share their information with?

I am not the most open of people and though I wouldn’t say that there are a ton of secrets that I have or would want to hide, but would I want to sign up for a transparency kind of lifestyle? There is no way. The main reason is because there is no way that I could have people around that often, I would feel so stressed and bothered by it all, it would cause me too much stress. Also, the question from the trailer, where does all of the data go? Where would it be stored and who would have access to it? There are people out there would want to hurt other people and that is a fact would I want just anyone to have immediate access to every aspect of my life? Heck no!!

I think we all need time to ourselves and there just isn’t a world where it would be okay to  always be connected. Experts always tell you that you should stop looking at your phone at least an hour before you want to go to sleep and warn about watching TV in beds. The behaviors and patterns we have are what become our lives. I think that the more sense of connection we have, the less we actually do and though we might think we are moving to a more connected future, in reality we would not be. We can’t all be connected and we can’t all commit to being transparent, so that idea would never work and personally I am glad it wouldn’t.


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