Don’t Let It

You need someone to hate,
Someone to throw your rage at,
Let it be me because I can take it,
I have grown to understand the fall.

This life is filled with heartache,
Filled to the brim with misunderstanding,
Letting love slip and fade away,
Is the worst thing of all.

Blame the sun for shining,
Blame the rain for creating the wet,
Blame the cloud for hiding the joy,
Blame the thunder for waking the earth.

Too much has been said and done,
Can we ever get what we thought we had,
When maybe it was an illusion or dream,
That only one of us seemed to have.

Words are such a wasted action,
That is why I sit in silence so often,
I will let you scream, rage and hate,
But love will be what quiets the storm.

The heat of the moment is not for decision making,
I let my tempers cool before speaking for others,
No one else besides those involved needs to hear,
The pain or shame that I sometimes I feel.

I can’t make you see what you have blocked out,
I can’t make you hear what you shield your ears from,
Love is such a lost art on this broken world,
People too blind to see the truth before them.

Let the addicts and the runaways hide away,
Striking out like a snake on those that love,
Let us not sit and hurt for simple sport,
When the only thing we need is to hold each other.


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