The Chaos of Musing

Love is a word without meaning,
Said without anyone thinking,
Given to another without question,
And taken without thought of loss.

An idea of the best thing in the world,
Can’t be equal to the reality of time,
Between seeing what you want,
And watching it fade from your grasp.

Nothing can be greater than everything,
If we give all of what we have without care,
Because all we really want is nothing,
Given by no one person in particular.

These thoughts are just a moment,
Lost in the chaos of my mind,
That attempts to divide time equally,
Between what is needed and what is not.

So let me use these meaningless sounds,
To attempt to create in you understanding,
Of questions you’ve never thought to ask,
Because your heart never truly started beating.

I’ll take your hand if you run with me,
So fast we can begin to take flight,
Because all I’m meant is to be with you,
If you would just take the time.

Let the birds fly in the sky,
The fish swim in the sea,
Let the bears roam in the wild,
And let us two finally be free.


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