Where You Will Go

I am a shadow,
In the mind of the creator,
Who told me long ago,
When I was just an idea,
That this life would lead you,
Then it would bleed you,
And eventually you would end up with me.

So go forth on this life path,
That now stretches out before you,
Twisting and turning in the distance,
Fading out as it reaches the horizon,
Where the good and the bad meet.

There is a struggle for the soul of man,
That tugs like a rope anchored in the the sand,
Reaching up and holding on to drag you down,
Or else you float up to an eternal abyss,
That has no beginning nor an end.

The stars shine out bright tonight,
As you gaze up at the evening sky,
That tell a story of centuries past,
When gods and kings were hand in hand,
And nothing but fairy tales ruled the land.

Let me guide you, my searching child,
As you ponder and work through doubt,
This life is nothing, but the curse of men,
To live on earth and die in the end.

Where will you go when the light fades,
Are you traveling back home to him,
Or are you somewhere lost at sea,
Forever searching for what you missed,
That drive and desire to accept the gift,
Given of love and without debt,
But the choice is yours, you have to make,
Come home to the father or forever waste away.


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