This Thing We Do (Poem)

Let the stars stop shining,
Let the rain fall continuously from the clouds,
Filling the empty places in the world,
With hollow, meaningless nothing.

The night will become eternal,
The sun never to rise again,
For the hearts that have been broken,
That have taken there last beat.

The sins you should have carried,
Have been passed down to me,
No redemption can I hope for,
No salvation will I be granted.

Carrying your secret, deep within my soul,
Though you have passed into memory,
Your darkest deeds, find their place among the living.

Children look up to those they care for,
Never knowing to doubt the motives,
Of those that should help them grow,
For they see good and forget the bad,
Because they don’t truly understand.

The streets run black with tainted blood,
Due to our wicked, perverse deeds,
No soul is pure or can be cleansed,
We live and die by our own actions.


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