Where I Belong (Poem)

Let me speak the words on repeat in my mind,
Get lost in the chaos of all I attempted to leave behind,
Yet failed to leave in a pile on the ground,
Above your final resting place,
Where the memories you created for us should stay.

Nothing given yet you gained from what you stole,
This life taught me long ago guys like you,
Are the ones who get what they want,
Despite how the rest of the world might protest,
There is nothing a small voice can do to stop such hate.

Let me get at the end of the line,
Filled with other pitiful statistics,
That never asked to be included,
But they find themselves in the same place as I do.

Death comes to us all, yet not all get peace,
I hope hell burns at your body because nothing good came from you,
When the devil comes to drag you home,
Don’t think I’ll shed a tear for your sick soul.

No let me change all I thought I felt,
Hell is too good for someone like you,
The rage of all those who suffer for your sins,
It weighs on my soul tonight,
Burning like a branded mark forever claiming me as yours.

You died and left me here alone without you,
Yet the torment of all you did stays around,
Hell on Earth you’ve granted me,
But yours I never asked to be.


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