Take My Hand Again (Poem)

Some days, words just seem to flow from you. This is one of those days. Memories that knock on doors, long left closed and locked tight, then suddenly you hear a knocking and can’t seem to ignore the thoughts any longer. Sometimes we push things away to keep from feeling or dealing, but eventually we have to find a way to make peace with it, one way or another….

Tightening in my chest, for the words I long to say,
Stifled like a cry in my throat, refusing to escape,
Why can’t I just release them, remove them from my head,
So finally, for this one moment in time, I will be free at last.

Hidden in a dark place, where no light can ever reach,
Are sentences I refuse to speak, for the secret that they keep,
Whispers begin to circle around me, demons left unchecked,
This night is just a reminder, for all I’ve left unsaid.

A hand that reaches out for me, so close I feel its touch,
Let the memories invade my brain, of all I long to forget,
This can’t be how life was supposed to be, this fear and doubt and shame,
Just a child once upon a time, though the days now fade into memory.

A friend, lover, a confidant, too young to understand,
This can’t be the way life really is, reality covered with lies,
Adults and children are made to act as one, no difference to be found,
These dirty deeds done behind closed doors, buried away once the two come out.

Hand in hand, you walk with me, a smile upon your face,
These harmless simple actions, done time and time again,
We go in there then come out here, no mention, no harm, no foul,
Just a simple game we play, so long as the secret doesn’t get out.

Let’s dance a little slower now, the grip is losing strength,
The ghost of who you once were, is gradually beginning to fade,
No memories are not gone yet, they still invade my brain,
I fear I’ll never be free of you, in the darkness you remain.


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