Into the Light (Poem)

I have been listening to an amazing, out of this world band (Blue October) with moving and emotional lyrics. We all have things in our past that we attempt or want to forget or pretend never happened. That normally never works but we still attempt to ignore something and bury it thinking it won’t keep popping up time and again. Most people don’t understand that unless you honestly deal with something then it will never go away and some things are hard to just “deal” with, it takes months, years or a lifetime to work through something, especially if it was something you never asked for or expected to happen.

The world is filled with believers who fail to believe,
Forgetting to forgive those who have hurt them,
Getting lost in the doubts and fears,
Of all the things that they worry can never be.

Let’s reach out a hand to the lost and lonely,
The ones who sit in the shadows,
Afraid to step out in the sun,
For fear of what could be revealed.

The darkness is a place for the secrets to hide,
For those who never deserved to carry the burdens,
Sit in wait for a relief that doesn’t come,
Burdened by the sins of another they were never meant to hold.

Let the light be a sanctuary,
Where from a past filled with doubts,
Let the memories flood of a time of confusion,
Which you still pretend never happened.

Step out from the place of clouds and rain,
The weight of the world will no longer rest on your shoulders,
There is nothing for you to hold on to,
What was done, you never had a choice.

You aren’t a part of the decaying and dying,
Those who rot from the inside out,
Whose fruit ripen on the vine,
And fall to the ground ignored by the hungry wildlife.

You aren’t the wild beast who tears through the forest,
Causing chaos and leaving a path of destruction,
From his hole in the ground to the once peaceful underbrush,
Now laid cast aside haphazardly without care.

The sun sees your pain and longs to bring warmth,
It can reach only as far as its rays can travel,
No more so come out and meet them half way,
So that you may once again be among the living.

Let the dead reach from the grave no more,
Let his grip loosen and you kick it away,
The hold he had on you then is gone now as the lid closed,
The pain he caused died with him so hide no more.

You aren’t the scared little girl that lives inside,
The world has kept on turning and you have aged,
Wiser, stronger, more beautiful than ever before,
Nothing in your past can change you now.

He no longer has his hold on your life,
Let him go and see all the beauty there is outside these walls,
When you no longer care to hide,
You will give him no more of your life.


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