Getting Away (Poem)

Let me give you a simple anecdote,
That tells of a heart breaking,
Crashing like the waves on a shoreline,
With the sun setting the in background.

Can the beauty of the world around,
Lift the spirits of a dying man,
As his world literally comes crashing down,
With the simple words spoken from her lips that say “I’m gone”.

This life is a cruel and fickle mistress,
That doesn’t offer more than it can take,
So that there is a kind of alchemistic exchange,
Which is equal to that which is to be received.

He can’t lift himself from the ground where he fell,
She has found a way to walk away and move on,
The thing which he will never do,
Because each steps she takes away from him,
Is a distances he can never close and in her hands his heart beats slower and slower until it stops.

Lets reach for that sun that sets in the distance,
For if you had reached for the moon but missed,
You would have landed among the stars,
But no stars shine with the sun out since it outshines them all.

He crawls to close the distance between him and his love,
Yet she steps in the closing passenger side door,
Of a sports car, cleaned to perfection,
Because this world isn’t for the lovers to love,
But the greed to find their horde and trample on the fools that dream of such illusions.

As the car speeds away he thought she would stay,
That the beauty of the sun would turn her heart to gold,
So that love could melt down the hard metal,
Pumping those feelings throughout her veins and she’d stay with him.

No love is not a thing for the faint of heart,
For the lovers give of the pieces they need to survive,
And right when they need their love returned,
They look upon only see their lover fading in the distance in the arms of another who can give them more.


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