Trading Cards (Poem)

Let me make an attempt to understand the darkness,
The place where light cannot penetrate,
No matter how many fires and flashlights,
Pass into your ever reaching hand.

The light is never quite enough is it,
Just out of reach that eternity that you hope for,
When rainbows and sunshine are all that remain,
Forgetting that rain is needed to create both the word and a literal rainbow.

Lets forget for a minute what was before,
Forget anyone else who might be or not,
There is only you and no one to blame,
Your happiness or lack there of is your own damn responsibility.

Love is a made up word for those that created valentines day,
It’s like a dream or illusion,
That might sound good on paper,
But in reality doesn’t live up to the hype.

This world isn’t what we thought it would be right,
Those two crazy Adam and Eve yeah they had a plan,
Fucked up ending though, was that scripted,
Whose fucking plan was that one?

Was that where it all began this battle we are in,
The woman took the man down with her,
Now we all pay but who suffers more,
The children or the father, does it really matter?

Pain is pain, it all feels the same,
Who the fuck wants to take out trading cards,
And attempt to compare but then again,
If it were trading cards does that mean we could trade,
This heartache here for this other brokenness,
Would it be worth it or would we be giving ourselves away with each trade?

This life and love we create or we refuse to allow,
Gives a story of our lives, whether we succeeded or failed,
So take another card, hell ill give you all mine,
This pain of life and love isn’t worth having so I’m returning all mine.


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