Blood Lust (Poem)

Let me get a tourniquet to stop the blood flow,
I’d let it slowly drain out but true suffering cuts you like knife,
It lets you bleed but suddenly runs dry,
And the world after is nothing like the before.

The light of day hazed and darkened by the gathering clouds,
A day of night has eclipsed the world,
To show the true meaning of your heart,
The blood will never be enough,
A river of crimson red filled to the brim,
It would just be the start but more always required.

Let the flood gates be overflowed and burst,
Let the hate take you over since those are the only true feelings,
This life has nothing that is worth having,
It’s a masquerade of emotions covering one after another.

Darkness, hate and the blood of those who stopped breathing,
Constantly swirl around in a gathering thunderstorm,
Unleashing all the fury on the world,
Guiding us towards our destruction.

Lets raise our voices high towards the darkening sky,
Yell out a name that is unfamiliar in a small voice,
Can you hear me the forgotten one,
That struggles but hides away from all the pain of the world,
It’s truth you have there and you hide it behind you,
This world is a dried up pond with cracks at the bottom,
That tells the story of us all.

The tourniquet stops the flow of a life creator,
It’s you that stopped us then and now we do it again,
Let the world stop turning and all history fade,
Because no matter what death comes.

The flow of blood stops swirling through our veins,
And this life ends yet begins again even after you failed to achieve,
All you ever hoped you would,
And your eyes close out the light,
That never cleared out all the lingering darkness anyway.


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