How We See the World

Sometimes we find the most beautiful things when we step out of our comfort zone and take a different look at something we thought that we knew. There are a lot of the time that we don’t get the chance to see things from different angles or practically in life, it’s like we can approach a situation and see it from all sides. There are people that can do this and honestly I wish that I had this ability better than what I do, but just like anything else it just takes practice.

Just like anything that we experience, like it’s a rainy day outside, you could see it either as great the day is ruined or think well at least the plants get watered and I don’t have to do it. Honestly it’s that optimistic or pessimistic view, in simplistic terms. The people that see the world as hopeful or not worth the effort and we all have an idea of the kind of person we want to be.

I believe that there are people that simply want to not care. There are people that choose to be pessimistic, and by choosing I mean that they let whatever outside forces keep them from fighting through those feelings. It is hard, especially in this world to be hopeful and optimistic, but it’s definitely possible. Most of often when we scan through the news of the day, more than half of the stories, ok basically all, are horrible and upsetting…but there is always at least one story that proves the world isn’t completely lost. I like to look out and hang on for those stories. Everyday we are bombarded with hate, evil and negative and we can either get lost in that or we can fight to see the other things in this world.

I don’t think that being pessimistic is all that hard. This world, experiences that we have, every day seems to breed this kind of attitude, but the truly difficult thing is to look at the world and see the good. The world seems to highlight the actions of the evil in a sick and morbid way and seem to cast aside those who actually do good. The people who save kittens or help an old lady across a street are blimps on the news and most people offer sarcastic wit in comments rather than relish in the fact that the world still has good souls in it.

We react to the world based on how we have been treated by it, but also how we choose to let it affect us. Just as I said before, when you see a rainy day do you curse it or still see the possibilities? So often where we go in life and how happy we are is based on how we see the world around us. Are you going no where because that is all that you can get from life or because that is all you see out of life? Maybe if we changed our way of looking at things we could change a whole lot more than just our attitude, but possibly our entire future. I guess we will never really know unless we try.


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