Fighting Forward (Poem)

I am an optimistic pessimist,
I see things for how they could be,
Sometimes it’s depressing to see,
How the world should be but isn’t.

Too often we lose sight of the real meaning,
Those things that really matter in life,
No focusing on the past and pain,
Is not all there is nor should it be.

Everyone has struggles different and the same,
Sometimes these things consume us,
Building walls which create our loneliness,
Will there be a time to reach out our hand,
For someone to come help guide us towards light,
Or are we wasting away in our darkness,
Utterly without hope or a chance to survive?

There will never come a time where hope completely fades,
Bitterness and ignorant pride can make it seem that way,
But if we fight through fears, forsaken darkness call,
We will find strength to fight and hope to find true love,
Which really is the greatest thing our world could ever hold.


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