So This Is Life….

So this is life? This constant build up and let down. The back and forth of heading straight into the unknown with hope and joy, to suddenly running back in fear and disappointment. Sometimes life seems like it’s bi-polar, all of these high highs and then the lowest of lows, but then again that is how life is supposed to be right?

There are always the cliches that work there way into our every day conversations and all too often we simply roll our eyes as we hear them, but all too often they are truth. “Anything in life worth having is worth fighting for”, it’s almost like the last week, these kind of things have been rolling over in my head. Like being reminded to “stop and smell the roses” or that we always have to take it “one step at a time”. These phrases and things that if someone just spouts them off, they mean nothing, but if you sit and think about them and possibly apply them to your life they could have some meaning.

Most of the time we can waste our time worrying or stressing about things we have no control over or we can’t change, but all that is is a waste. Worrying and constantly focusing on all the things that have happened from the past and things that we can’t change, will only bring our future down and take it away from us. We need to search through the mess of things that were, things that are and things that will be and see where it leave us.

Are we doomed to be hopeless and waste our life away? Should we worry about where we are going or should we just walk towards our dreams? We can’t control or change what life throws at us. All we can do is figure out how we are going to handle it. Do we see a problem and let it defeat us or do we see it and say “well that happened” and pick ourselves up and move on? Of course there are degrees to everything and not everything is so easy to get over or move on from, but just because it’s a little more difficult doesn’t mean that we should give up or stop trying.

Just as some of the greatest music and art comes from those who have suffered the most pain, some of the greatest strengths and accomplishments in our life comes from bad situations. Life would be less rewarding if it wasn’t a give and take, I don’t think. We need those difficult times and situations in order to show us who we are and what we can achieve. Life, I think, is all about how we look at it. Do we look at life and see how we have been defeated or mistreated by it or do we see life as experiences we have had and lived to tell the tale. How we see life and react to it, is going to be how we see and approach our future. If we let our past defeat us, we will never have hope for the future, but if we grow from our past experiences then the future is full of possibilities.


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