What We Imagine vs. Reality

There are often many times that we overlook or dismiss something that we think we already know all about, yet if stop and take a look we might find something completely new. We see a movie or book in the same genre or a remake, God forbid, and we think oh no I am going to hate that, when if we just picked it up or watched it, we might be pleasantly surprised. As they say “don’t judge a book by its cover”, we have to remember that and maybe start applying it in other areas of our life.

People get set in their ways and I am not saying that I am any different, but I think now I am starting to realize that. I want to see the world for what it is and take each experience as a new and different one. I don’t want to live the same life everyday, I want to experience the excitement that is out there in the world. I want be willing to open myself up and see things for they truly are not just the ideas I have in my head about them.

I think our own mind and thoughts about things limit us. We see a modern comedy and think it is going to be juvenile and disgusting yet then we see it and although it might have those moments overall we see it is a celebration of family. Or we see a show live that is a rehatch of a classic and suddenly find new reasons and ways to fall in love with it. We meet someone and think they have an unpleasant demeanor but then we talk to them and end up going out to lunch together and becoming fast friends.

We often make snap judgements about things and people and sometimes they are right, but all too often they are completely wrong. I think that we need to treat everything with fresh eyes. We need to see what is there in front of us and allow ourselves to experience it as it is, rather than how we imagine it to be. Sp often we are the only ones that are limiting ourselves and we do it for no good reason.

We are scared, bored, indifferent and we react and act out of those feelings. We should be engaged in our lives and the experiences that we have. Do you want to live a life and at the end of it think wow what else I could have done or do you want to live a life and be thankful for all the experiences you had? I say that life is too short to constantly live in the fast pace, experience only what I imagine to be great and instead experience all the things that come your way with an openness to truly appreciate all that is before you.


2 thoughts on “What We Imagine vs. Reality

  1. A great post and a really good point. I think it is important to slow down and not only take the time to enjoy life, but to discover new things and not just judge them based on quick decisions!

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