Stepping Out

For me there are two kinds of people in the world, those who like, seek attention and those who are content to let those people get all the attention. I guess in a way we are all, at times, a mix of both, but for the most part people seem to either be in one group or the other. Despite my blog here, I tend to put myself in the allow others to get the attention group. I know that I write my blog here and post to get people to notice, appreciate and be inspired by what I write, but it’s not sensational or just speaking for speakings sake, which there are those people that do that. I can’t say that one is better than the other one, but those people that just speak for speakings sake.

Part of me feel fascinated by those people that are more “selfish” or showboatie than others. These people that stand up and say here I am, come love me, hate me or whatever, but I am here and there is nothing that you can do about it. Those people tend to be a little exhausting to say the least, but they are spirited and show conviction.

I am the kind that likes to sit in the shadows and dream of taking center stage, but never really have the courage to go out and take it like these people do. Maybe it’s fear that keeps me on the side lines, but at times it is also respect. I believe that things have a time and a place and not everything is suited for every situation.

There are some people who take to social media to cry their woes for the world or share their anger or disdain. Maybe I am just hypocritical, because some people would say this is “airing my dirty laundry”, but I am a faceless, nameless person in the crowd. I don’t post pictures of who I am and post constantly to just “get noticed”. I write from my heart and write in all honesty to bring beauty and inspiration to the world, mostly through creative means.

I guess for me, there is a difference than just speaking to hear your own voice and speaking with a purpose. Sometimes people just speak out of selfish desires, to have people notice them or to become some over night sensation and all too often I think that is why they fail. I don’t think that being famous is all that the movies make it out to be, but to have my words matter to one person, two even, that is my desire. I want to write words that will be remembered or that will make an impact, not just to scream “look at me, look at me”.

I think that we need to stop and think from time to time why we are doing what we do and what drives us. Are we acting out of selfish motivations or for the greater good of some kind? Do we open our mouths with something to say or are we just polluting the world with more hollow words? Do we seek attention just for the sake of having it or are we seeking it for a greater reason or do we sit back and speak our mind, not really wanting to speak, but knowing that and feeling that we have something we can’t keep inside? Life is too short to always be a wallflower, but when we do step out into the sun, we just better remember to speak words that matter and count.


4 thoughts on “Stepping Out

  1. I agree with what you are saying. I know for me personally, my blog is a way to communicate. Speak my thoughts and feelings. Let things out – not necessarily airing the dirty laundry, but just communicating. Communicating things that means something to me. I do not otherwise. Most people go to lunch with friends or playmates with other moms and children – I write. My friends are here. There are no others. Whether they choose to read or agree or not read and disagree, this is their choice, just like it is for me. 🙂

    • I am glad that you can understand what I am saying. I am glad that you can use it as a way of communicating. I think that we often don’t have enough outlets for that. I completely agree and love how you said, “My friends are here”. I often feel that way too, the connection through writing and blogging as opposed to the real world.

  2. I agree that blogging can sometimes feel as if you’re overly exposing yourself, especially when you don’t have much to say. However I try to think of it as reaching out to other people and communicating and fostering a dialogue. For me, it’s also about keeping on exercising the writing muscle and constantly trying to improve my craft by writing in different styles and genres.

    • I agree that if used correctly it can and should be used as a communication tool, although sometimes there are those who don’t see or use it that way. I think we are in a unique age where we are able to communicate in such a way with so many like minded people, it is something that we have never had the chance to do on such a large scale. It’s rather exciting! Thanks for the comment.

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