Loving Online (Scams/Research)

This is both for personal and public use. I am writing with an idea in mind. Recently I have stumbled onto a highly publicized yet casually dismissed problem: online dating scams (online scams in general). I have begun, only this weekend, to research the hazards and dangers that are associated with these types of scams. It’s sad, like most things, people dismiss them as nothing and only “stupid” people fall victim to such things, but that is not the case. I guess I have a new found intrigue and desire to research this issue and truly bring these victims to light and offer assistance in any way possible.

I recently heard a story of a woman who is in the midst of a horrible online “dating” scam. They didn’t actually meet on a dating site but that is what it has turned into and it has taken over her life. She will listen to no one and ignores logic and reason, she believes these obvious lies to what end? The story has yet to be completed, but I fear the worst in the very least it’s setting up for a whole heartbreak and at least some monetary loss.

I guess my goals with this is just to first ask for people out there in the blogging world that have had experiences, if they would reach out and talk to me? You can comment here, write my email: thepursuit.beingcreative@gmaill.com or my Twitter, just contact me in anyway that you would like or feel comfortable. I want to talk to anyone, who has been victim, family members and I am not doing this for any morbid curiosity or to make people feel bad. I want to honestly look at profiles of people who have fallen victim and show the world that this can truly happen to anyone.

I feel very passionately about this and this is a horrible problem going on throughout the world and there is very little that is done about this. I have found from the FBI website a site to report this, but maybe if people were more watchful or mindful of those around them, if we truly connected more in real life then these kind of things could be stopped. There is also a limit when it comes to how much help you can get.

I would like to compile stories in a book or journalistic story so that it can bring this to a wider audience and say that people are sick of these things. I am thinking that with something like this the proceeds could go towards helping those who have fallen victim at least create a place that could help bring awareness and a place where people can go to get help.

This of course if the very starting stages of this, so I don’t know what it could turn into, but I am just asking for your help. If you know someone who has fallen victim, if you have or if want to suggest a way to get this started or going, please let me know. I am open to suggestions and assistance. Thank you for reading and people remember to be safe out there on the web, don’t give your money out, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Love the people that are around you and reach out to those who you know are lonely, that is a good first step in combating these horrible scams.


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