Long Time Gone!

It has been quite a while since I have gotten myself to write here on my blog. I have been doing a whole lot of writing and really just avoiding. It’s funny when you start out and you are so dedicated and then life happens. I have still been writing, though not for my book or here, but I have been writing for my examiner site. I enjoy going to the shows and getting to see all these things that I have wanted to see for so long, but then I find that work and this writing and life in general has just kept me so busy. I read an article the other day about “fit people” and that they don’t make excuses, which is why they are fit and often times I feel that applies to most things.

I guess in a way all these things are just excuses really, no one is busy 100% of the time all the time, but when it comes to life we have to pace ourselves and we can only do what we are able. I love writing on my blog, but lately I have not felt all that inspired. Sometimes it feels like I don’t really have all that much to say or I am just resaying things that I have already said and who wants to read that. I have lately been working on my Flickr account and doing things with my photos. I guess part of my problem, as it has always been, is that I have a very wide range of interest. I have been working on some of photography stuff but my art, drawing and the like, I have not done that in a while. Below is something I have been working on and I think it turned out pretty nice:

Rose and Beauty

I think in all honesty that about sums it up. I have been trying to recreate some kind of sense of inspiration. I want to be able to create beautiful things and have them appeal to those who see or read them and I am not quite sure that I have found my way just yet. I see others that write and create and though I am able to do that, I do it inconsistently. I was supposed to be done with my book by now and I am barely half way done. I guess since it about half the year gone it is time to see where I am and see where it is that I truly want to be.

It is sort of a reflection and reassessment period. I need to figure out how exactly I can get to where I want to be. There has been so many different things that I could write about for my “I’ve Got Something to Say About This…” segment, but I think about it and read the stuff and just can’t get myself to write it. Maybe it’s a form of writers block or just doubt in my ability. I know that we all go through when we feel that we have the world at our fingers, only to be disappointed, but life was never meant to give us all we want easily. We must work for what we want and in preparation of that we must have a plan. Basically it all boils down to being people of action! Figure out what you want to say, do, ect and just do it (as the Nike ads tell us). Just do what you love and let all the rest figure itself out!


2 thoughts on “Long Time Gone!

  1. I, too, agree with Nike: Just do it! A brilliant byline for an ad. Whoever thought of it is brilliant. I read that “time management” is a myth. We all have the same 24 hours. Then I read that the secret is to not prioritize your schedule . . . rather it is better to schedule your priorities. I like this idea very much and it is much easier said than embraced and done! I, too, have a lot of interests that are really wide ranging. I read a book once called The Renaissance Soul. It gave a lot of encouragement to those of us who feel scattered in our personal and professional and creative lives. The general idea is to celebrate that you are an interesting person. I continue to strive for balance so that I can do everything that interests me. You are in the flow now so just ride the current. Your writing and art are great!

    • I completely agree that whoever did come up with that came up with gold! It says and calls to action, in just three simple words. It’s amazing and brilliant. I will have to look up this book, thanks for mentioning it. I think that I would benefit from it. It’s always nice to hear from like minded people and understand that you are not the only one like that. I again appreciate your comments and if nothing else, I am glad to at least reached one person. As long as our words don’t fall on deaf ears then we are contributing something and that is all that I want to do.

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