For a Life Worth Living (Poem)

A place seen in the sun,
So far away yet near you can taste it,
The drip of honey on your lips,
That tease with the tempting idea of success,
Though that offers no guarantees.

What is that in life, the must, should and will,
These words that belong in a library collecting dust,
These actions words that have ceased to have meaning,
For we sit around all day waxing and waning and pontificating.

Let the statues stand unable to move from their place,
While we leap into action chasing a dream we long for,
Instead of rotting away in a heap of sand,
That blows away with the first strong gust of wind.

I don’t see a future for the world we live in,
There is no sunlight for the hopeful and the dreamers,
The sky is no longer filled with stars for the taking,
It has gone black and is devoid of all emotions and longing.

Where are these stars that I read about in the history books,
This sky that is so filled with beauty that poets write verse for,
That photographers capture images and lyricists write songs about,
Was it a world only in the storybooks and it never existed on earth,
Where did they draw such inspiration from if not reality?

Let my heart beat to a sound only I can hear,
My feet tapping to the rhythm of inspiration and desire,
Where a dream that has filled my head for all my life,
Somehow find a way to manifest into a waking reality.

This life is filled with the dark, disastrous and heartbreaking,
But those few dreamers who have found a way to survive and thrive,
I want to mark my name beside them and reach for unreachable stars,
For the darkness fills spaces where light has yet to shine.


One thought on “For a Life Worth Living (Poem)

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