Friend Needed: Apply Within

It seems like all the important things in life require an application. It seems like almost everything nowadays you have to fill out some kind of paperwork, for a driver’s license, college, job, marriage certificate, etc., but to be a friend nothing. You simply meet someone, find common interest or ground and then all the sudden you are inviting them into your world and life and you really have no idea what you are in for. This can both be an exciting and heartbreaking part of life. Relationships are complicated and in all honesty, we go into all of them blind and just end up hoping for the best.

Friend of course is a noun and in the dictionary is defined as “a person who you like and enjoy being with; a person who helps or supports someone or something (such as a cause or charity)”.

It’s all perfectly summed up right there like a nice present with a beautiful bow on top, “person you like being with”. If only life was that simple and non-complex, that who we like being with also feels the same and has the same expectations.

In life, that is really, where the breakdown tends to happen. Everyone has their own ideas about what friendship or love is and how it should be expressed. Some people can surf the internet or spend all day on Facebook with their 1,000 friends and fill fulfilled but really is that living? Is that really friendship, just to say hey I have this many “virtual” friends. Friendship in the new generation has changed, or has it? I think it has been distorted to say the least. People seem to think that just casually talking or liking things on a newsfeed makes someone a true friend, but if you really needed them would they be there? Do you really enjoy being with them, as the definition states, if half of your friendship is done through a screen?

If we could, would we really want to create an application for the things that really matter? Would you want to have an application for a boyfriend/girlfriend or even a best friend? There are always those who can cheat the system, so to speak anyway so who’s to say that a few bad apples wouldn’t still get through? If we were the ones applying, what would our references to say about us as a friend? Being a friend is really simple, when it is all said and done. All we need to do is care about one another. Maybe if we did think in terms of how would someone describe me after a friendship/relationship ended we might treat others better, but would it really be better to take it that far?

Life is made up of moments that are undefinable. Saying some definition from a book about human emotions and interactions will never capture the true complexity of the situation. Friends are those we let in, despite not having references or a background check, and we say this is who we are and I see who you are and I accept it. We are creatures who need to be around others, despite not liking how things end up, from time to time, we still need others in our lives. Even in the word friend, it has the word “end”, despite a friendship coming to an end that doesn’t mean a life is over. We all grow, mature and have different experiences that make our life what it is and we can’t fault another for not being there for the entire journey. Like the saying goes, “People are brought into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime.” So appreciate those true friends you have, for whatever reason and however long you have them, and be the kind of friend you would want to have.


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