On the Shelf (Poem)

The cover has been closed and the book back in it’s place,
All the sentences have created a complete story,
That tells of our journey together,
From where we started, how far we’ve come and how it finally ends.

Another book placed on a dusty shelf,
Just placed there to collect dust,
No longer a story in the present,
Just an incomplete one that has been closed.

What were we to each other,
The story never really told,
You up there and me down here,
The talk of love spoken through out.

Did we ever have a chance, you and I together,
Was it you or I that was scared,
Maybe it was in the end for the best,
How are we to ever know?

We never would have worked it out,
Just another book on the shelf,
That tells the story of a love,
That never got a real shot.

You were the one that truly cared,
In the end I understood that to be true,
We just came from different worlds,
And some times we can’t make it across the gap.

A friend more than a lover, but love me I know you did,
When you would seek me out and I would hide,
You fight for me because you cared,
You were the one that always fought for me no matter what.

Do men like you exist still today,
I know you are out there still,
But the book I fear is shelved away,
For no amount of searching can find you,
You have slipped quietly away from here,
The life we could of had just a lovely after thought,
No longer to ever be a reality.

The top shelf holds our story now,
The one that will never get told,
For a love I have found and there is no place now for you,
But I hope you find the one you want,
The one you deserve to have, a girl that can love you back,
For I’ll always think of you fondly remembering all the years we had,
Yet the happy ending just not for me and you.


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