I’ve Got Something to Say About This…Messy Situation

There are many things going on in the world right now. We are transitioning from Spring to Summer, kids are getting out of school or graduating but life is still happening. There is still just as much, if not more, bad out there with the good. This was a story I heard which is both frustrating and upsetting as well as just sad. There is much to be said about this, but more looking from the one left behind rather than a debate on guilt or innocence. I am not judge or jury, so that is not for me to decide.

Video and Story: The Story

There are many things that I could comment on about this story and I can imagine what others might, will and have already said, but I want to focus on other things. I could speak about the off duty police officer that got off free or debate what he should or should not have done. A drunk firefighter fighting a cop and the only way for the cop to stop him is kill him? Hmmm sorry I can’t believe that…I bet if he shot his arm that would have stopped him and then his life could have gone on. He needed to kill him and he couldn’t figure out a way to shot him without killing him? Please.

Again I could talk about that or the person who recorded it instead of doing something. What is up with that? No one stepping in to help in anyway? Oh yeah the “bystander effect”, yeah that just gives people an excuse to not care, like they need one. That is just life though people tend to not care about others, which brings me to my point or focus.

But what about the bride? Can you imagine her? Jumping from her, have you thought what if something like this happened to you? I was thinking about this as I drove home yesterday. The heartbreak and loss that she must feel to go from happy and hopeful to lost without the one person she planned to build her life with, how do you go on?

Life goes on right. Devastation happens every day to anyone, and we have no control. We can’t give ourselves the luxury to fall apart because the responsibilities are still there and don’t stop just because we are hurting. What would you do? Would you have people to get you through?

I think with social media we imagine or give ourselves the false impression that we have people that care about us just because they like or retweet something. But if something life changing happened would any of those people care? How many real friends do you and that you know that you can count on in times of need? I think we are lucky if we can say more than or even a handful of them. What if you were in her shoes, where would you turn?

I think instances like this give us all a chance to examine our lives and see who we have. If we can’t think of people then how can we change that or can we? Sadly we can’t make people care about themselves or anyone else. Friendship at times feels like luck. If you are lucky you get to meet people that are more than just social media or fake, but what about those that aren’t that lucky? I guess we just have to remember to love all that we can, who we can because we never know how long we have to love them.

These are just my thoughts on a very sad, heartbreaking situation. Life goes on, but we never know just for how long and how long we get those we love. Something to think about…Got something to say?? Please share with me here or at my email. Want to speak for yourself or have a suggestion? Let me hear it the same way. I love to hear from you!


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